In 1862, Dr. Franz Schoenfeld (born in
1829), the great-great-uncle of the cur-
rent managing director, founded the Art-
ists’ Colours and Canvas Manufacturers
Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld (LUKAS); located in
Düsseldorf, Germany.
Across the highly respected Düsseldorf
Academy of Art, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld’s fa-
ther owned a special artists’ materials
shop, which was still praised in 1902 as
the „greatest and oldest of its type.“ It
was at his father’s shop that Dr. Fr. Sch-
oenfeld discovered his own interest in art and
artists’ materials.
Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld studied in Giessen and Hei-
delberg. Graduating with a Doctor’s in Philoso-
phy at the early age of 20, he then went on to
broaden his knowledge and develop his scien-
tific understanding working as an assistant at
the University of London, followed by the Neth-
In 1896, he chose a new location for the firm
opposite the „Düsseldorfer Malkasten“ (Düs-
seldorf Paint Box). To this day, it remains an in-
ternational meeting place for artists, architects,
and writers.
The production of water-colours has been
around since LUKAS’ conception. One of the
greatest advantages of liquid water-colour is
its fast colour take up with the brush, which
Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld found a way of incorporating
into the recipe of the water-colour in pans. By
doing so, he created the „moist artists’ water-
From the outset, Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld has instilled
a commitment to quality, without compromise.
Our recipes have been optimally formulated
in accordance with the most modern painting
techniques and using only the very best pig-
ments and binders. Through the combination
of constant high-quality manufacturing we can
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