An important tool
Brushes are one of the most important tools for
an artist. By using a proper brush, it is much
simpler to transfer the artists’ ideas into an ex-
pressive and individualized painting. For this
reason, LUKAS, together with one of the best
brush manufacturers from Bechhofen (a little
town close to Nürnberg known as the cradle of
German brush manufacturing) has developed a
line that in terms of quality, price and perform-
ance is unsurpassable.
This line consists of more than 40 different as-
sortments - from the finest quality master brush
made of the longest, most elastic hair from the
back of a Kolinsky Red Sable to professional
quality brushes made of special nylon fibre
mixtures, to very inexpensive school brushes.
The special thing about the LUKAS artist brush
line is not just the quality, price and perform-
ance, but also the adjustment between brush
and colour quality levels. Uniting a LUKAS
professional quality brush and LUKAS profes-
sional colour is always the appropriate choice.
LUKAS Brushes
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