Die Marke Lukas / Inhaltsverzeichnis
LUKAS-NERCHAU Catalogue No. 151 - 2013
guarantee the brilliance, and light fastness of
our colours, which is one of the best prereq-
uisites for ensuring the durability of artworks
over many generations. LUKAS artists’ colours
are acknowledged to be among the best avail-
able for serious artists.
Since the turn of the century 1900, the LUKAS
symbol has been an important political brand-
decision, that continues to shape our corpo-
rate image. Saint LUKAS, patron protector of
the painters, has become the name for all prod-
ucts from the manufacturer Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld.
The symbol itself, has adjusted to the many
graphic trends and tastes’ of the times, which
makes it a true representation of the LUKAS
From the beginning up to end of 2012, the com-
pany has remained the property of the found-
ing-family. In 1907, Paul Schoenfeld took over
the company from his father and just before his
death, in 1919, he passed it on to his nephew
Dr. Eduard Talbot. In 1957, Eduard’s daughter
Christa Heusgen-Talbot inherited the company
and passed it on to her son Hubertus Heusgen
in 1998. As of 01.01.2013 the Lukas-Nerchau
GmbH is a newly formed subsidiary of Daler
Rowney Ltd. Hubertus Heusgen remains the
managing director of Lukas-Nerchau GmbH.
One of LUKAS’ best-known employees was
Professor Hans-Gert Müller, editor of the 12th
to 15th editions of the Max-Doerner-Classics.
The Materials of the Artist and Their Use in
Painting, was a standard book of painting tech-
niques, available in the German speaking area.
In 1964, LUKAS was the first manufacturer
in Europe to produce artists’ acrylic colours.
Consequently, LUKAS products have always
been in accordance
with the most mod-
ern techniques.
This reason, along
with LUKAS’ strive
for superior quality,
led many well-known
artists to trust the
quality of our colours
throughout the years.
One of the best known examples is that of
Vincent van Gogh, who wrote in a letter to his
brother, in 1885, that he had ordered colours
from Schoenfeld of Düsseldorf. The Achen-
bach brothers also wrote that they were only
using colours from Schoenfeld’s, as they
were extraordinarily pleased with them.
Furthermore, modern painters and graphic
designers like Josef Beuys and Hans-George
Baselitz, the designers of the STELLA Musi-
cals, also came to trust in the supreme quality
of LUKAS. LUKAS’s quality products are not
only available in Germany, but also in more
than 50 different countries such as; Norway,
Canada, Australia, and the United States.
The traditional company philosophy for LU-
KAS Artists’ Colours and Canvas Manufac-
turers Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld stands to this day
as; „
Price-conscious and uncompromis-
ing in quality“
. Our first priority is to serve all
painters, restorers, and artists alike.
150 years Artists’ Colours
One of the world’s biggest oil-paintings was painted in the
city hall of Oslo in 1943, with LUKAS colours.
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