Last but not least
LUKAS-NERCHAU wants to provide their trade
partners with the opportunity to buy everything
an artist needs at competitive prices, so they
can concentrate on selling the products with-
out having to keep searching for more sourc-
es. To reach this goal, the LUKAS-NERCHAU
sourcing team travels throughout the world to
Germany, Italy, China and Taiwan in search of
the best price and performance products for
their customers. And there is one thing you can
rely on: All products will be examined to en-
sure quality.
Only when they achieve or surpass our stand-
ard, are they sold under the brand name LU-
KAS. The accessory program consists of ea-
sels, painting knives, assorted palettes (plastic,
metal, wooden), glass pestles, palette dippers,
charcoal and canvas pliers.
A further part in this area is everything you need
to care for your brushes, from brush washing
basin to brush holder and brush mat.
LUKAS Accessories
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