LUKAS-NERCHAU Catalogue No. 151 - 2013
Brand with History
- The history of nerchau Paints and Artists’
Colours begins with a small firm. Friedrich Carl Hes-
sel was a dealer in sand and clays extracted in the
immediate vicinity of the small town of Nerchau.
- Sons Friedrich and Carl took over the busi-
ness and parallel to the sale of coloured sands
expanded the production operation to include
paints. Soon they purchased a quarry at the nort-
hern edge of the Ore Mountain deposits for ext-
raction of so-called „green earth”.These coloured
soils are processed in Nerchau into paints.
- Hermann Neisch commences production
of artists’ colours.
-The Friedrich and Carl Hessel trading com-
pany becomes „Farbenwerke Friedrich & Carl
Hessel AG”. Manager and principal shareholder
is Richard Hessel who in the interim receives the
honorary title of “King of the Saxon Chamber of
- The „Farbenwerke” and the Varnish Facto-
ry „Hensel & Foll” are expropriated by the State
and continue to trade henceforth under the name
„Vereinigte Farben- und Lackfabriken Nerchau”.
- In association with Berlin Weissensee
College of Art nerchau oil colours are developed
further (Research Project 1954–1958).
- Products and formulations of the long-
standing Dresden artists’ colours company of
Hermann Neisch & Co supplement the range.
- Start of production of the now well-known
nerchau School- Paints which henceforth are an
indispensable commodity in every German De-
mocratic Republic school.
- Extension of the product palette with the addi-
tion of textile-paints and Aqua-Linol printing colours.
- Privatization of the current operation by
the powerful Deutschen Amphibolinwerke as
the plant of Lacufa AG and is therefore part of
the successfully Europe-wide operating Capa-
rol Group.
- Ready-to-use opaque paints are inclu-
ded in the range.
- The novel Window Art paints develop
into a “sales hit”.
- With the new Premia, Atelier and Decor-
acryl launches nerchau sets the tone in acrylic
paint production.
- nerchau develops paint additives for ac-
rylic painting. Innovative structure pastes and
gels open up new possibilities in acrylic pain-
- Renovation and revitalisation of the for-
mer factory owner’s villa on the Company pro-
perty. Opening in September:Villa Nerchau now
acts as a communications Centre – for even
closer dialogue with customers and business
- The Company becomes the subject of
a Berlin Academy of Art project entitled “Com-
munications Project for Nerchau Paints and Ar-
tists’ Colours”.
- The renowned artists‘ colours manufac-
turer Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld GmbH & Co. („LUKAS
Artists‘ Colours“) takes over the factory from
the Deutschen Amphibolinwerke as a second
location beside the headquarter in Düsseldorf.
- The company „Lukas Nerchau GmbH“
is a newly formed subsidiary of Daler Rowney
GmbH and takes over the product range of Dr.
Fr. Schoenfeld GmbH.
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