· 37 slightly satin-gloss colour shades
with very good light fastness
· Pasty soft to semi-liquid
· Dries flexible and permanently elastic,
no cracking
· Low-odour, water-based, waterthinnable
· Water resistant, wipe-proof and resistant
to rubbing
· Range consists mainly of single pigment
colour shades
· Inorganic and organic pigments
· Good price-performance ratio
· Especially suitable for frequent users
and large painting areas
New Brilliance for High Demands
Atelier Acrylics are ideal for the regu-
lar painter – good quality and very
economical. They are particularly
suited for painting large areas.
Thanks to the excellent mixing
qualities, the range of 37 shades
can be combined to produce the
widest range of colours. The mul-
titude of single pigment tones, the
high colour brilliance of the entire
selection and their predominantly
high fade resistance add to the
superb value for money of these
Fine Artists’ Acrylics ·
Professional Quality
1...,126,127,128,129,130,131,132,133,134,135 137,138,139,140,141,142,143,144,145,146,...225