· 31 brilliant colour shades in a predomi-
nantly highest degree of light fastness
· Low-odour, water-based, waterthinnable
· Elastic when dry, no crackings on the
· Water resistant, wipe-proof and resistant
to rubbing
· Weather- and lime-resistant; for indoor
and outdoor use
· For use on all grease-free and stable
painting supports
For large-surface Compositions, Set build-
ing and Beginners
The ideal paint for painting large areas of walls
or tables as well as all other projects involving
decoration. It has good work-
ing qualities and an attractive
price making it perfect for
use in schools, training and
for professional use in stage
decoration and window dis-
plays for indoor and outdoor
applications. The harmonious
range of 31 bright colours are
all fully intermixable. They are
quick and even drying, with
pre-dominantly good light fast-
ness. Carefully selected binding
agents ensure that after drying,
the paint forms an elastic film.
Artists’ Acrylics ·
Student Quality
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