· Well-balanced colour spectrum of 70
shades, including classical cobalts and
cadmiums as well as earth pigments
· Uncomparable colour intensity
· Highest lightfastness due to highest qua-
lity artists’ pigments
· 41 single-pigment-colours
· Use of specially refined linseed oil and
sunflower oil (pharmaceutical quality), no
tendency of yellowing
· Distinctive smooth buttery consistency
through the use of bees wax
· Surface drying in 2 to 4 days
· Traditional production on three roll mills
In LUKAS 1862 - Finest Artists’ Oil Colour,
only selected, unadulterated pigments (such
as high quality Cobalt, Cerulean or Cadmium
pigments) from the tradition of old masters are
used. At least 60% of all shades are single-
pigment-made and by that they are excellent
usable for clean-mixing of different brilliant
colour-variations. A spoor (0,5-1,5%) of the fin-
est bleached Bees Wax as one of the ingredi-
ents gives the colour the famous „buttery and
short“ consistency and makes the colour-film
less brittle for the restorer. The binders are from
pure, vegetable, linseed and sunflower oils in
„special quality“. Available in 70 colours in 37
ml tube, with 68 shades and 2 metallic colours.
44 colour shades are available in 200ml tube.
Finest Artists’ Oil Colours ·
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