· 28 colour shades of a good to very good
light fastness
· Pastos and water-soluble colours
· Base: vegetable glues and emulsified oils
· Inorganic and organic pigments
· Very good opacity
· Low-odour on vegetable emulsion base,
· Resistant to wiping and erasing – ideal
for sketching after priming
· Application on paper, wood, glass, cera-
mics, plastic, oil-free modelling pastes,
universally usable
· Complies with the requirements of the
European EN 71 Safety Standard
Tempera paints are held in high esteem
by both professional and hobby artists, as well
as school children and students. The reasons
for this are the superb painting properties, to-
gether with the pedagogically balanced spec-
trum of 28 colours. Excellent opacity, lumines-
cence and depth of colour are just some of the
characteristics of this paint.
paints are resistant to wiping and erasing, they
dry to a silky, matt finish and may be removed
with water. Dried surfaces may be painted over
for corrections at a later stage.
The paste paints are water-soluble and there-
fore very economical. Almost all painting tech-
niques are possible, from structured paste ef-
fects to opaque, right up to pastels. Tempera
colours from Nerchau are safe to health and
even comply with the requirements of the Eu-
ropean Safety standard (EN 71). Therefore they
are particularly recommended for use in school
and education.
Fine Artists’ Gouache ·
Professional Quality
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