· 12 intensive colour shades
· Light fastness is dependent upon colour
but varies from good to very good
· Good covering capacity
· Colours can be mixed with each other
· Low-odour, due to absence of solvents
· Prints come out with sharp contours,
uniform and homogenous
· Inks adhere well, even to non-absorbent
surfaces, such as foil
· Versatile application, for rollers, blocks,
· Inks give the artist time to work, staying
workable on the printing table
· On absorbent surfaces, the inks are
spongeable within 15 minutes
· Dried colours can be printed over
· Tools can be easily cleaned in water, and
dried inks can be washed away
· Complies with the requirements of the
European EN 71 Safety Standard
A water-based mixable printers’ ink for all man-
ual relief printing techniques, such as linoleum,
fabric printing and woodcut printing. Many ma-
terials can be used as printing blocks, includ-
ing, lino, wood, cardboard, rubber, twine, and
even natural materials like leaves and potato.
Nerchau water-based printers’ inks for linole-
um meet with European Safety Standard: EN
71 and is therefore recommended for the peda-
gogical use in schools and education.
Lino Printing Ink
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