Mediums are important tools for working
with artists’ colours. They change the char-
acteristics of an artists’ colour, support the
expression of the artist’s and protect the
artwork. They are even necessary for spe-
cific painting techniques. They set no lim-
its to creativity and inspire to try new effects.
Nerchau has developed over the years a wide
range of painting mediums which provide sup-
port for artists’ colours. This artists‘ medium
assortment contains important and irreplace-
able painting mediums for oil and acrylic paint-
ing, such as primers, varnishes and lacquers,
mediums which alter the drying times as well
as various structure pastes and gels. The me-
diums ensure a good technical image buildup
and they are tailored to the specific require-
ments of each painting technique.
Design your artwork fascinating and excep-
tional! Get inspired and enjoy the limitless pos-
sibilities of expression!
Product description, product characteristics,
ingredients, and then the thinner / the labelling
corresponding to the European Union Danger-
ous Goods Regulation and the classification for
transport purposes (dangerous goods or not).
Explanation of Symbols:
N = hazardous to environment
Xn = harmful to health
Xi = irritating
F+ = extremely flammable
F = highly flammable
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