· 59 brillant colour shades, lightfast
· Dries to a matt finish, can be varnished
· Low-odour, water-based, water-dilutable
· Over-coatable
· Usable for airbrush when diluted
· Water resistant - easy cleaning of pain-
ted objects
· Scratch and rub resistant - items of
everyday use and furniture remain
· Universal application
· For indoor and outdoor use, weather-
· For use on all grease-free and stable
painting supports
The universal colour for craft, hobby and
Ready to use, water-soluble, water-based and
very opaque acrylic colour. Hobby Acryl matt is
available in 24 colours in 20 ml, 59 colours in
59 ml and 8 colours in 250 ml. The colour range
includes brilliant colours with high colour depth
and in addition pastel colours, antique colours,
metallic colours, fluorescent and glow in the
dark colours. The colours are perfect for the
school and leisure area, for crafts, hobby and
decoration, as well as for reverse glass paint-
ings, rustic-style painting and model making.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use on all grease-
free and stable painting supports such as pa-
per, cardboard, wood, metal, glass, plastics
(no PE), ceramic, stone, styrofoam, air-drying
modelling pastes, and many others.
Hobby Acryl matt dries quickly, water resistant
and is lightfast after drying. Best adhesion and
weather resistance is achieved on absorbing
Hobby Acryl matt
Universal Colour for Crafts ·
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