· 10 colour shades
· Water-based, harmless, low-odour
· Supplied in a practical fine liner-bottle
ideal for direct application and writing
· Stable contours and waterproof
· Application on paper, wood, ceramics,
stone, plastics and textiles
· Application on textiles, wash-resistant
up to 40°C
Sets fine accents and glossy highlights!
The Glitter-Liner is a universal, water-based,
hobby acrylic paint with a brilliant glitter effect
and a 3D look. With Glitter-Liner you can cre-
ate refined accents in the decoration of differ-
ent materials such as paper, cardboard, wood,
ceramics, pottery, glass, metal and textiles.
Providing each „Création“ a glamorous ap-
pearance! The Glitter-Liner can be applied to all
fat-free painting supports. Colour can be ap-
plied directly with the liner, let it dry (approxi-
mately 6 hours) and finished. Then wash-re-
sistant up to 40 °C. Fabrics should be washed
and ironed inside out. The Glitter Liner not only
offers limitless possibilities, it is also versatile
for combination with our acrylic paints or our
fabric paint „Textile Art“.
Hobby Acrylic Colour 3D ·
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