· Extensive palette of 42 colour shades
and 6 contour colours
· Special colour strength and brilliance
· Water-based, harmless, low-odour pro-
· Self-adhesive on all smooth surfaces
when dry
· Motifs easily removable and reusable
· Particularly elastic and resistant to age-
ing, thus permanently easy to remove
The shiny colours of light
Window Art distinguishes itself by the spe-
cific colour strength and brilliance of its tones
and allows an excellent intermixing of colours.
Window Art colours are removable, transpar-
ent and water-based window colours. They are
ideal for painting on all smooth surfaces, for
example on glass, mirrors and tiles. Excellent
decorative effects can be achieved with the 42
colours and 6 contour colours. The contour
colours dry after about 30 minutes. The art
works can be removed as a foil after about
24 hours drying and can be placed on the
desired object by light pressure. Dried mo-
tives are self-adhesive and reusable. The
colours show their full colour intensity af-
ter drying. Window Art removable win-
dow colours bear the CE mark.
Window Art
Removable Window Colour ·
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