Textile Art
Fabric Paint and Printing Ink ·
· Extensive colour palette (34 shades for
light fabrics, 18 shades for dark fabrics,
1 medium, and 10 fabric paint pens)
· Good to very good lightfastness
· Water-based, water soluble
· Before painting, wash to remove dres-
sing and softening agent
· Colours are intermixable
· Resistant to dry-cleaning, rubbing and
· Iron fixation from left-side at a maximum
temperature for the fabric, not above
150°C, 5 minutes
· After heat fixation gently washable at
temperatures up to 60°C, metallic colour
shades and fabric paint for dark colou-
red fabrics up to 40°C
· Stable contours for painting, printing
and stamping
· For all fabrics made of natural fibres and
synthetic fibres
Give textiles your personal touch that is
uniquely yours!
Textile Art Fabric Paints exist especially for light
or dark fabrics. The colours are high quality,
washable, rubbing and ironing resistant. They
are water soluble and can be intermixed. The
special transparent mediums allows the dilu-
tion without loss of adhesion. You can paint,
print, stencil and stamp with the colours. They
are suitable for textiles made of natural and
synthetic fibers. Metal and metallic colours
can also be used for dark fabrics due to their
good coverage. Besides the “effect colours” all
shades are dry cleaning resistant. The fixation
by ironing (backside) should be made after a
drying time of 24 hours. Realise your individu-
al style on T-shirts and jeans, sweatshirts and
shorts, leather bags or backpacks.
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