Seiden Art
Iron-fixed Silk Paints ·
· 17 highly brilliant shades, 4 Contour Co-
lours and 1Transparent Medium
· Very good flow properties; water soluble
· Wash- and dry-clean-resistant after fixa-
· Easy fixation after drying: set the iron to
cotton temperature and iron for 2 min.
from reverse side
Working with silk is a true delight: soft, shiny
and always agreeable to the skin. It‘s an ideal
base for creating your individual towels, blan-
kets or shawls. NERCHAU „Seiden Art“ in-
cludes 17 highly brilliant colours, 4 contour col-
ours and a transparent medium which allows
dilution without loss of adhesion. The colours
have a very good flow property. They are water
soluble and after the easy fixation wash- and
dry-clean-resistant. Recommended for school,
hobby, leisure and arts and crafts.
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