· High quality yet economical oil colour for
the discerning artist
· Well-balanced colour spectrum of 48
brilliant colours
· High concentration of pigments for an
exceptional colour intensity
· Excellent lightfastness
· 25 single-pigment-colours
· Use of especially refined linseed oil and
sunflower oil (pharmaceutical quality), no
tendency of yellowing
· Distinctive smooth buttery consistency
through the use of bees wax
· Surface drying in 2 to 4 days
· Traditional production on three roll mills
LUKAS STUDIO - Fine Artists’ Oil Colour, the
modern professional quality with an optimised
price performance ratio, contains only brilliant
and consistent pigments with a high light fast-
ness. A spoor (0,5 - 1,5%) of the finest bleached
Bees Wax as one of the ingredients gives the
colour the famous „buttery and short“ consist-
ency and makes the colour-film less brittle for
the restorer. The binders are, as in all LUKAS
oil assortments, only pure vegetable linseed
and sunflower oils in special quality. Avail-
able from stock are 48 colour shades in 20ml
Tube, 37ml Tube, 75ml Tube und 200ml Tube;
as well as White (0208) and Black (0382) in
500ml Pot, 2 l and 5 l Bucket.
Fine Artists’ Oil Colours ·
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