Batik Art
Batik (Tie-Dye) and Dye Colours ·
· Colour spectrum of 13 shades
· 75g powder dye colour for hand and
machine dyeing; sufficient for intense
dyeing of 200g fabric
· Suitable for all fabrics free from finish-
ing, e.g. silk, cotton, viscose, linen, half-
linen, wool and polyamide
· Dyeing temperature of 60-95°C, depen-
ding on the allowable treating tempera-
ture of the fabric
· Easy to use
· Exceptional brilliance
· Wash and dry-cleaning resistant up to
40°C, wash separately
· Suitable for school, hobby and craft
Discover this ancient type of fabric decoration
for your fashion accessories and trendy living
room decorations! Interesting, unimagined
creative possibilities will present themselves
to you. The batik technique comes from Asia,
and means that you can achieve patterns by
dyeing, where a part of the fabric is pretreated/
covered so that it absorbs no colour. This will
be achieved, e.g., by application of liquid wax
or by tying. For wax applications of fine lines
and details, the use of Tjantings is recommen-
ded but already with a simple knot in the fabric
you can get unique effects!
Batik dye colour all hand dyeing
and reserve techniques such as wax batik,
tie and dye batik, folding and stitching tech-
nique as well as paper batik are possible.
Dyeing can be made in the washing machi-
ne and in a bowl or bucket. For the dyeing
of sensitive silk or wool, vinegar should
also be added for fixation. A detailed in-
struction sheet is available upon request.
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