Varnishes, Painting
Mediums, Paper- and
Wood Mache
Are you looking for much effect with litt-
le effort? The answers are found here!
Nerchau has developed over the years a wide
range of sensational mediums which support
the hobby paint range. They change in a simple
but intense way the impression of your artwork.
The range includes a variety of mediums and
varnishes, which provide a better adhesion to
different supports or change the consistency
or effect.
For example, you can create with “Crackle Var-
nish” an artificial ageing of colour applications
that will give your furniture, paintings and home
accessories an attractive and nostalgic effect.
Or, you can create easily an unique and varia-
ble image or magnetic board with our „Magne-
to“ magnetic primer. This primer can turn many
supports into surfaces for magnets.
Design your artwork fascinating and highly de-
corative. Get inspired and enjoy the limitless
possibilities of expression!
Product description, product characteristics,
ingredients, and then the thinner / the labelling
corresponding to the European Union Danger-
ous Goods Regulation.
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