Finger Paint
• 9 colour shades available in 100 ml and
750 ml, sets assembled by complemen-
tary themes
• Washability, using your conventional wa-
shing machine at normal 40°C, without
complicated pre-treatment or soaking as
with other finger paints
• Non-drip consistency and optimum pain-
ting properties
• Certified byTÜV-Rheinland for maximum
product safety
• Certified by German „spiel gut”Toy Safe-
ty Certification Standard
• Contains only preservatives according to
the Cosmetic Regulation
• Complies with rules of the EUToy Safety
Directive EN 71
• Contains the most bitter agent known as
a „lick deterrent” to prevent licking and
swallowing of the product
Colours at your fingertips
Daubing, splashing, watering - to feel
oneself means to experience oneself.
Nerchi Finger Paints are a valuable edu-
cational toy which can significantly shape
the personal growth and creativity of a
child. The colours are viscous, have a non-
drip consistency, are residue-free washable (at
40°C) from most of the cotton and synthetic
textiles and they are absolutely harmless to
health (TÜV-Rheinland, EN 71). Nerchi Finger
Paints are the ‘worry-free package’ for parents.
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