· 13 brilliant and intensive colour shades,
from very good up to highest possible
· Low-odour, water-based, water-dilutable
· High opacity, easy to wash off
· Wipe-proof and eraser-resistant – ideal
for initial pencil sketching
· Application on paper, canvas, wood, ce-
ramic, stone
· Meets the European Safety Standard EN
· Certified by German “spiel gut”Toy Safe-
ty Certification Standard
· Ideal for all technical painting applica-
tions in the school learning process
· Clear impartation of the didactic ap-
proach of chromatics
First successful painting efforts encourage the
entire creative ability of children. Therefore,
perfect colours should be used right from the
beginning, which fulfil the children’s options of
expression. The demanding painting characte-
ristics of the Tempera Paints from
fer the best condition for working with colours
in the school learning process.
The pedagogically balanced assortment of 13
colours allows a wide range of colour design.
Painting techniques from structured effective
up to diluted glazing with a high contour sharp-
ness and surface homogeneity are possible
because of the thick and pasty consistency.
Due to the high opacity, the colours can easi-
ly be overpainted. The dried colours are wipe-
proof and eraser-resistant. They adhere well on
almost any surface, e.g. paper, cardboard and
even wood or stone. Tempera Paints are easy
to dilute with water and can
be easily applied by brush.
Tempera Paint
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