· 13 brilliant, opaque colour shades with
good to very good lightfastness
· Low-odour, water-based, water-dilutable,
easy to wash off
· Wipe-proof and eraser-resistant – ideal
for initial pencil sketching
· Application on paper, canvas, wood,
ceramic, stone
· Meets the European Safety Standard
EN 71
· Certified by German „spiel gut”Toy
Safety Certification Standard
· Offers particular advantages for learning
colour theory and mixing behaviour
Opaque colours with various possibilities
In close cooperation with educators, artists
and schools,
Artists’ Colours devel-
oped and further improved colours especially
for schools. The results are the Original School
Paints and the Ready Mix Poster Paints. The
viscous Ready Mix Poster Paints have in com-
parison to opaque colours in pucks the advan-
tage that no dilution with water is needed prior
to use. The high colour concentration and the
viscous consistency allow a structured, highly
opaque, but also a water-diluted glazing paint-
ing style. The ready-to-use fact makes it easy
to mix multiple colours at the same time. In this
way a high number of shades can be achieved
and the basics of the colour mixing processes
can be learned as well.
Ready Mix
Poster Paint
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