Opaque Water Colours
· High colour brilliance, opacity and co-
· Good lightfastness
· Consistent colour quality
· Ideal mixing capabilities for the theory of
· Application on all absorbent and fat-free
· Unlimited and universal application pos-
· For the artistic education indispensable
· Meets the European Safety Standard
EN 71
· CE-proofed
offers with the Opaque Water Colour
boxes a pedagogically valuable and indispen-
sable product for the art education. The includ-
ed colours offer ideal mixing possibilities for
the theory of colours.
Due to their versatility, they are the ideal col-
ours for all the requirements of a demanding
creative education. The water-soluble opaque
colours are not only suitable for small art-
works but also for extensive paintings in kin-
dergarten, preschool, school and leisure time.
They are intermixable, have a very good opac-
ity, coverage, brilliance and good lightfastness.
Dry areas of color can easily be painted over.
Suitable for painting are all absorbent and fat-
free surfaces such as paper, paperboard, card-
board and wood.
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