· Viscous to pasty
· Very good opacity, lightfast
· Low-odour
· Wipe-proof and eraser-resistant
· Dried colour remains water soluble
· Water dilutable
· Over paintable
· Meets the European Safety Standard
EN 71
OpaqueWhite from
is an intensive and
long-lasting, ready-to-use tempera paint with
a very good covering power. The viscous and
water dilutable paint allows all painting tech-
niques, from highly opaque up to glazing. The
dried paints can be painted over, in addition
they are wipe-proof and fade-resistant. They
are also very suitable to brighten up a colour
shade. The Opaque White can
be used on all absorbent and
non-absorbent surfaces, such
as paper, cardboard, wood, plas-
tic, glass, ceramics and oil-free
modeling pastes. Pre-priming
should be made if required.
Opaque White
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