· Well-balanced spectrum of 30 brilliant,
water-mixable oil colours
· High concentration of pigments for ex-
ceptional colour intensity
· Excellent lightfastness
· Use of especially refined and modified
linseed oil and sunflower oil (pharmaceu-
tical quality), no tendency of yellowing
· Excellent water miscibility behaviour, no
use of traditional solvents required
· Distinctive smooth buttery consistency
through the use of bees wax
· Surface drying in 2 to 4 days
· Traditional production on three roll mills
LUKAS BERLIN contains only selected pig-
ments of the highest possible authenticity in
its class. Modified linseed and sunflower oils
in „special quality“ are used as binders. To en-
able an oil colour that is water mixable, with-
out affecting its other characteristics (such
as drying time, lightfastness and brilliance),
LUKAS has developed a special procedure of
modifying oils to guarantee a nearly water-free
and water-resistant (colour) film structure. LU-
KAS BERLIN dries in completely the same way
as a real oil colour, which makes LUKAS BER-
LIN a very good alternative for professional
painters and users with solvent allergies. Avail-
able in 30 colour shades in 37ml and 200ml
Water Mixable Artists’ Oil Colours ·
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