and CERNiT are synonyms for high qual-
ity air drying and oven hardening modelling
pastes - made in Belgium.
For more than 80 years, these modelling pastes
enjoy the full confidence of users worldwide.
All products comply with the strict Regulation
of European Standards for toys.
Their main challenge is: “Manufacturing qual-
ity products to let artists, children and ama-
teurs express their talent”. This corresponds
exactly with the Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld philosophy.
The product range includes the famous
Air-drying Modelling Pastes”
, which
are suitable for use by children and adults,
amateur and professional artists
„CERNiT Oven Hardening Modelling Clays”
in totally 70 brilliant shades
„Softy Classical Modelling Play Dough”
which are highly recommended for kindergar-
ten and schools.
Modelling Pastes
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