· Outstanding wide colour spectrum of 70
brilliant shades, including classical co-
balts and cadmiums
· Pronounced colour intensity and superi-
or transparency
· Highest lightfastness based on highest
quality artists’ pigments
· Extraordinary brilliance
· Outstanding mixing ability
· Superior colour lifting through a perma-
nently moist consistency
· Excellent flow properties
· Use of particular binding and wetting
· 48 are one-pigment shades
It was only 1862 when Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld suc-
cessfully transfered the advantages of the
moist-pasty water colour in tubes to a recipe
for colours in pans. This event was the birth of
the LUKAS moist water colour and the history
of the company Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld. In honour
of this event we have given our Finest Artists’
Water Colour the brand name Aquarell 1862.
The fundamental development of the company
founder represents the basis of this water-col-
our of world-reputation still today. Finest art-
ists’ quality with exclusively pure, high qual-
ity pigments of the highest permanence and
concentration. Approximately 99% of each
pigment is finely grounded to 2 µ (2/1000mm).
Exceptional coverage and dilution value
from gum arabic carefully selected dex-
trins and special glucose derivatives.
Available in 70 shades in half and whole
pans, as well as in 24ml tube.
Finest, Moist Artists’ Water Colours ·
Master Quality
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