· Particularly wide colour spectrum of 70
brilliant shades, including classical co-
balts and cadmiums
· Exceptional colour intensity, brilliance
and highest lightfastness
· Excellent Coverage
· Thick and buttery consistency due to
high level of solids (concentration of ap-
prox. 70%)
· Recommended for heavy body impasto
techniques, as well as thin glazes
· High elasticity, tensile strength and
adhesion by using high-quality acrylate
(pure acrylate dispersion)
· Quick drying, water dilutable
· Dries to a satin gloss finish
· Excellent yield
Quick drying, lightfast, water-mixable artists’
acrylic colour. It has a thick and buttery con-
sistency with an extremely high solid-state
concentration of approximately 70 %. Versatile
in application, from the thinnest glazes to pal-
ette-knife techniques. Dries to an elastic, non-
yellowing film. LUKAS CRYL pastos contains
only selected, unadulterated pigments. Avail-
able in 70 shades in 37ml and 200ml tube.
2 shades are also available in
500ml pots.
Finest Artists’ Acrylic Colours ·
Master Quality
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