· Professional quality colour with great
value for money for beginners and users
of large quantities
· Wide colour range of in total 62 shades:
38 classical shades, 10 effect colours
(Metallic, Fluorescent & Glow in the
Dark), 12 top modern trend colours as
well as 2 bronce shades
· Use of high-quality artists’ pigments
· High colour intensity, brilliance and light-
· High elasticity, tensile strength and ad-
hesion by using high-quality acrylate
· Medium consistency for a wide range of
· Quick drying, water dilutable
· Dries to a satin gloss finish
With LUKAS CRYL STUDIO fine artists’ acrylic
colour we offer a colour that is incom-
parable in its price-performance ra-
tio. This acrylic colour was developed
based on the newest knowledge of the
pigment and binding agent research.
Only high quality artists’ pigments in
a high-elastic acrylate are used.
It consists of a well-balanced spec-
trum: 62 colour shades in 250ml bot-
tles, 60colour shades in 75ml tubes,
250 ml and 500 ml plastic bottles
with dosing-cap or in 2 l and 5 l plas-
tic buckets.
For detailed information about the
available sizes see colour chart and
the according symbols.
Fine Artists’ Acrylic Colours ·
Professional Quality
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