· Professional quality colour with great
value for money for beginners and users
of large quantities
· Carefully composed colour spectrum of
24 shades
· Use of technical reliable artists’ pig-
· High colour intensity and lightfastness
· Excellent Coverage
· Good adhesion
· Liquid consistency for fast preparation of
large painting areas
· Quick drying, water dilutable
· Dries to a matt finish
LUKAS CRYL TERZIA is a well pigment-
ed, matt drying, lightfast artists’ acrylic
colour for study purposes. The viscosity
is with 3000 - 4000 cP optimal for the fast
preparation of large painting areas. The
intensity of the shades is well balanced in
order to achieve good results when they
are mixed. The colour shade selection
corresponds to the typical palette of an
artist painter. All colours are mixable with
all other acrylic-colour-assortments of
LUKAS. In short, it can be called: „A real
artists’ colour at an extremely attractive
price“. Available in 24 colour shades in
125ml plastic tubes and in 500ml plastic
bottles with apportioning cap.
Artists’ Acrylic Colours ·
Student Quality
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