· High quality, ready-to-use water-based
printers ink
· Balanced colour spectrum of 12 opaque,
intensive and brilliant colours
· Colours are intermixable, water soluble
and odourless
· Ensures even, sharp contours and prints
· For all manual high-pressure processes
such as linoleum, wood and material
prints (e.g. cardboard, cork, rubber, sty-
· On glass, or similar, optimum open times
for processing with Lino rollers are gua-
· On paper quick-drying and smudge-
proof, later waterproof
· Suitable painting surfaces: paper, card-
board, wood and others
· Printing blocks and tools can easily be
cleaned with water
LUKAS LINOL Lino Printing Inks are
water dilutable and remain wet on
a glass pane or similar surfaces for
a longer time to work with the lino-
roller. On paper they become non-
wipeable after a short time. After
some weeks, depending on the
thickness of the colour layer and
paper, LUKAS LINOL Lino Printing
Inks become water resistant.
Available in 12 shades in 20 ml
tube and in 200ml tube
Lino Printing Inks
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