· Pure, unadulterated pigments in powder
· Well-balanced colour spectrum of 39
shades including fluorescents and me-
· Highest Lightfastness (exception: fluore-
· Mix with various binders to create any
type of paint
· Available in 100ml glass jars with screw
The basic components for making any paint
are the permanent colour powders, so called
pigments, plus binder, which enable the con-
nection between the colour powders and the
painting ground. The lightfastness, brilliance
and strength of a colour depend on the se-
lection and quality of the pigments chosen.
For SCHOENFELD colours only
pure, unadulterated, traditional
and modern pigments with high
colour intensity are used. These
are the same vibrant, lightfast
pigments used in LUKAS’ Mas-
ter Quality assortments. They are
also recommended and available
for self-production. With pig-
ments and gum arabic, you can
create your own water colours;
for oil colours you have to use lin-
seed or sunflower oils as binder.
The possibilities are limitless, and
you can make your own paint to
your exact personal preferences!
LUKAS Pigments
Pure Artists’ Pigments
As long as supplies last!
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