LUKAS Metallic Effects
Artists’ Effect Colours
Ennoble your artwork with unique metallic
By using the LUKAS Wipe-Metal or the Spray
Bronzes you can change many items to an at-
tractive and nostalgic unicum! They are suitab-
le for gold-, silver- or copper plating on all fat-
free surports such as paper, cardboard, metal,
wood, glass, ceramics, concrete and stone.
With LUKAS Wipe-Metal you can create in-
teresting metallic effects, especially on tex-
tured surfaces or objects. The wipe-metal
can be applied by stroke, dab or wipe tech-
nique. You can use a cloth, sponge or brush.
It’s your choice to highlight only a small part
of your artwork or entire areas. The wipe-
metal is also suitable for repairing frames.
The LUKAS Spray Bronzes are quick-drying,
highly opaque, metallic sprays, which are sui-
table for the refinement of e.g. picture frames,
moldings, Advent and Christmas ornaments
as well as for decorations of any kind at home,
hobby or profession. In no time you can ennob-
le your objects with a beautiful bronce effect!
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