Mediums give artists the opportunity to in-
crease their expression and expand their ar-
tistic message. In order to fulfill almost all the
demands of an artist, LUKAS has developed
nearly 100 different mediums based on actual
chemical-technical possibilities.
Product description, product characteristics,
ingredients, and then the thinner / the labelling
corresponding to the European Union Danger-
ous Goods Regulation and the classification for
transport purposes (dangerous goods or not).
Information of Product Labelling in general:
Labelling follows current EU guidelines and all
the information is based on the current state
of our knowledge; detailed information can be
found in our Product Safety Data Sheets.These
can be downloaded at
or re-
quested by phone on ++49 (0)211 / 7813-0.
LUKAS Mediums
Explanation of Symbols:
N = hazardous to environment
Xn = harmful to health
Xi = irritating
F+ = extremely flammable
F = highly flammable
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