Die Marke Lukas / Inhaltsverzeichnis
LUKAS-NERCHAU Catalogue No. 151 - 2013
LUKAS MEDIUMS · Specialities
(for Restoration and Gilding)
Casein Glue, fine granulated
Raw material for the production of casein-glue as binder for classical casein
lactic acid casein
Water (ammoniacal) / - / -
300 g
Art.-No.: 2234 0500
PU 1
Helios Restoration Medium
Classical cleaning agent for oil pictures. Note: pre-test absolutely necessary to
check the re-solubility of colours. Use extremely carefully. Use turpentine oil imme-
diately after the application of Helios to remove the remaining Helios carefully from
the picture surface (tends to yellow!). (Valuable pictures should only be cleaned by
a specialist!)
Copaiva Balsam, turpentine oil
turpentine oil / N; Xn; flammable / dangerous goods
125 ml
Art.-No.: 2245 0125
PU 3
1 l
Art.-No.: 2245 1000
PU 1
As long as supplies last!
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